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How to make an inexpensive portable Outboard Motor Stand
This short how-to video details how to easily build a portable outboard motor stand with 2x4s and a small pc of 2x10. The stand was designed so that a standard hand truck could slide under it for easy transport. Its also holds the motor high enough so that a water bucket will fit for wash out.  Total of three 2x4 plus a short section of 2x10 and some 3 in and 2 1/2 inch screws are all you need. Video contains complete cut list.

Yamaha 25 hp four stoke Outboard unboxing and first start
Check out this powerful yet lightweight 25 hp outboard. Dan shows what comes included in the box plus how to get it started and ready for its first run. This four stroke outboard is perfect for duck hunting, zodiacs and almost any boat in the 12-14 ft range. Check manufacturers hp ratings prior to purchase.

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Easy DIY Boat Projects

How to Fiberglass over Plywood and repair damaged fiberglass
This short how-to video details how to coat plywood with fiberglass. Perfect for making waterproof boxes or working on boats. We show how to wrap glass around corners and also show how to easily repair damaged fiberglass.