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Watch blacksmith Jason Northguard hammer a metal leaf out of square stock. He uses a variety of tools including a propane forge, anvil, and power hammer. Interesting video for anyone that is interested in creating hand forged items.

In this video we set up and demonstrate just how easy it is to melt brass. We used a single burned propane forge from Devil Forge.

Easy DIY Metal Casting.
Single burner propaine Metal Melting forge from Devil Forge

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Casting sand called Petrobond is available commercially but can get a little expensive. Check out this easy method to make your own Casting or Green Sand using play sand and clay kitty litter. Our casting sand it easy to make.

This is the first of many planned casting projects. For this video we tried to use a material which did not seem to flow very well but got excellent results from the home made casting sand.

If you have a forge or furnace that is insulated with ceramic mat you should consider coating that insulation with refractory cement. The cement will increase the insulating performance of the mat and prevent toxic fumes. Easy DIY project.

Easy DIY Metal Casting.

Easy DIY

​Wood Crafts

Easy DIY Metal Casting.

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