Nautical decor Seashell Christmas Ornaments. Check out this short video to see how easy they are to make. Great Holiday DIY project

Miniature wood Christmas tree self standing holiday decorations.

Easy DIY Christmas Crafts and decorations.

Any of our featured Ship in a Bottle projects could also be placed inside a Christmas Decoration for a very unique Tree ornament. 

Custom hand made Birch wood Snowman Christmas decorations. These are perfect for Country decor homes or to give away as a handmade craft gift

Wood Frosty the snowman wall or entrance Christmas decoration. Easy wood working project.

How to easily make this wood Frosty snowman Christmas Decoration. FREE step by step instructions.

These little Firewood Snowman Christmas decorations make great Holiday gifts. Easy DIY craft project.

How to easily carve a Birch wood Santa Face Christmas decoration.

Easy to make huge weather proof Christmas Snowflake decorations.

How to easily carve a Christmas Tree decoration into almost any piece of firewood. We used Birch wood and a dremel grinder to quickly carve these unique Christmas decorations.

Check out our complete assortment of easy DIY Christmas crafts and decorations. Each has its own short how to video which details step by step instructions.

How to easily make this wood snowman Christmas Decoration with power tools. FREE step by step instructions.

Make your own Reindeer Christmas decorations from scrap wood.

Easy DIY Canvas Silhouette Christmas decoration

Easy DIY Christmas Crafts and decorations.

This Santa face is easy to make and makes a great wall or entrance door Christmas decoration.

This self standing or wall hanging snow man Christmas decoration was made from a scrape piece of 2x10 lumber. 

Snowman crafted from PVC. Easy Christmas DIY craft project

Two cute polar bears exchanging Holiday gifts.

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Crafted from small twigs these Firewood Reindeer make beautiful country Christmas Decorations

Easy DIY method to etch and paint glasses for Christmas.

Easy dremel carved Santa Face Christmas decoration.

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