All pieces are assembled with a hot glue gun.

Finished Snowman makes a great Christmas decoration or gift.

Each piece will be stacked as shown below. Cut a flat surface onto both ends of the bottom and middle piece. The head only needs one flat surface unless you plan to add a hat.

How to make Christmas Snowman decorations.

Using a sharpie marker draw the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

We made a hat from a small piece of 3/4 pvc which was hot glued to a round disc of scrap plastic. The bottom and top of the hat can be made from cardboard, wood or plastic are just glued in place with a hot glue gun and then the entire hat is p[ainted black.

How to make Christmas Snowman decorations.

Drill two holes on each side of the middle section. Sticks will be inserted in these to create arms for the snowmen.

Easy DIY PVC Snowman Christmas Decoration. Check out the short video posted below which details the entire process.

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White PVS Snowman Christmas Decoration

Start by Drawing three circles onto a piece of white PVC. PVC boards are available at Home Depot or any similar store. I used different size paint cans and a roll of tape and just traced the circles. Next cut out each circle with a band saw, scroll saw or jig saw.

How to make Christmas Snowman decorations.