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Green pain can be added now orit might be easier to wait until all of the parts are assembled. 

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Christmas Tree
Wallor Self Standing Decoration

Use paintable cak to fill in any gaps and to round over the hard corners. This can be sanded smooth once completely dry.

How to make a wall hanging Christmas Tree decoration.

Drill a couple holes through the middle section which will allow the jig saw blade to fit through. Then cut out and remove the center section.

We added LED strip lights to illuminate this Holiday wall decoration.

How to make a wall hanging Christmas Tree decoration.

This self standing or wall hung Christmas Tree decoration can be made in a variety of sizes. We started with a piece of 3/4 plywood finished on one side. We drew out a 24"tall and 12" wide tree. Measured down 6" from the top and marked the bottom of each branch. Branches can have a straight angle or curved as shown. Cut the plywood with a jig saw.

These decorative miniature Christmas Trees can self stand on any shelf or table or can be wall hung. They also make great holiday presents. 

Easy DIY Wall or Self Standing Christmas Tree Decoration. Check out the short video posted below which details the entire process.

White plastic Lattice is cut and fitted to frame the entire tree. For the curved section use a heat gun to warm the lattice. Then bend to shape and hold it position for a few minutes until it cools. It will hold the shape once cool. All lattice is secure with construction adhesive. You may want to use a few finishing nails to hold the pieces in place while the glue dries. The other option is to use clamps.

How to make a wall hanging Christmas Tree decoration.
How to make a wall hanging Christmas Tree decoration.

Our original plan was to leave the entire lattice frame white. Mid way through the project I decided it might look better with just the top edge of the lattice left white. I painted the entire tree and then used a dremmel grinder with a sanding disc to sand off the pant form the top edge of the lattice. I think it would have been easier to just tape off this edge before painting.