Easy clean crisp lines with wood stain, painters tape or adhesive vinyl stencils. This would be a great way to craft a wood stained Patriotic corn hole board.

How to easily make a Patriotic themed DIY Knife. FREE step by step instructions www.DIYeasycrafts.com

How to make a Patriot Chef Knife with Bald Eagle American Flag themed blade etching In this short how-to video Dan Berg from www.Bergknifemaking.com gives an complete overview of making this American Eagle/Flag themed chef knife. This knife is hand crafted. Its made from AEB-L stainless steel and has beautiful American Flag cast handles. This knife was a commissioned build with the hope of creating a family heirloom It features a Bald Eagle electro etched design with the customers last name also etched onto the blade.

Easy to make DIY American Flag Corn Hole yard game. This patriotic themed DIY wood working project is perfect for backyard BBQs. Fun for the entire family. Check out this short video for FREE step by step instructions

How to make patriotic themed micarta knife handles. These handles or scales are actually easy to make they are crafted from fiberglas resin and construction paper. This same fiberglas like material can be used in a variety of DIY craft projects.

DIY Easy Crafts

4th of Julay and Memorial Day Patriotic Crafts

DIY Wood Stained Stars and Strips Door Decoration. FREE step by step instructions. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

If you are going to build our American Flag corn hole Bags game board, you may want to watch this short how-to video. Its shows a simple way to get nice crisp paint lines. Perfect for many DIY projects.

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This video shows how to make your own Patriotic themed knife from an old automotive leaf spring and some construction paper. Yes, I said construction paper. Check out this short video to find out how. The metal etching technique used on this video can be used on any metal working DIY craft project.

Easy DIY Stars and Strips themed Patriotic Door decoration. This easy wood working craft has a two tone wood stained stars and strips. The short how to video even shows how this no bleed wood stain was done. This decoration is perfect as a 4th of July or Memorial Day decoration.

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