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How to easily polish resin with an orbital sander.
How to easily polish resin with an orbital sander.

Easily polish resin with just an orbital sander and variety of sanding, polishing discs. For this project we polish the bottom of a clear epoxy resin Chinese checkers board but the same process can be used on table tops and most mid to large size flat resin projects. Step one is to sand the resin down to 2000 grit. We used 80 grit then 220, 400, 1000 and finally 2000. After sanding we used rubbing compound with a foam buffing pad with hook and loop so it attaches to a sander. Next polishing compound with a softer sander mounted foam pad. To finish off a coat of automotive wax was applied and then buffed off. This simple process which requires no special tools resulted in crystal clear surface with minimal tame and effort.

Hook & Loop buffing pad. Search amazon for 3pcs 5 inch Polishing Pads, 5'' Orbital Buffer Pads Hook and Loop Buffing Pads, Foam Polish Pad for Compounding, Polishing and Waxing, for 5'' Backing Plate

Cloth buffing pad. Search amazon for INZOEY Wool Polishing Pad 5 Inches Soft Sheepskin Buffing Pads with Hook and Loop Back Wool

How to easily Polsih Resin
Easily polish cast resin crafts with an Orbital sander and assortment of sanding and polishing discs.