Easy DIY Christmas Crafts from www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Dan Berg from Bergknifemaking.com demonstrates how he made these Christmas Candy Cane Micarta knife scales. Micarta is laminated paper or material that is pressed while drying. The fiberglass like material is extremely durable and popular for DIY knife handles.

DIY Christmas Crafts. Looking for fun and easy DIY Christmas craft ideas? Look no further than DIY Easy Crafts and Projects! We have a complete assortment of unique and festive Christmas crafts and decorations, including a Wood Branch Reindeer, Firewood Snowman, Birch wood Santa Face, Birch wood Snowman, Birch wood Christmas Tree, and Wood Christmas Tree. Each project comes with its own short how-to video, detailing step-by-step instructions. Follow along and create your own homemade Christmas decor today!

How to make Wood Gnome Christmas Decorations These wood gnomes are cut out of a piece of 1x12 pine. The Gnomes beards are textured with a 4 1/2 inch disc or angle grinder. This is a very easy wood working project.

Easy DIY Christmas Crafts from www.DIYeasycrafts.com

How to make Seashell Christmas Ornaments. This video shows how to easily drill through seashells and create beautiful Nautical Themed Christmas Wreaths and Tree decorations.

DIY easy Christmas Porch Signs
DIY Wood Gnome Christmas Decorations

In this step-by-step demonstration, Dan Berg shows how to transform white PVC boards into beautiful, high gloss, and weather-resistant holiday welcome signs.

How to easily make this wood Frosty snowman Christmas Decoration. FREE step by step instructions. www.DIYeasycrafts.com