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Our nautical themed DIY projects range from decorative outdoor fence fish to Wine bottle stands and fish shaped bird houses and even bird feeders. These DIY crafts and projects are perfect for waterfront or beach themed homes. We have a variety of easy craft ideas from the nautical themed homes backyard and for indoor decor. Many of these nautical crafts are not only unique designs but are easy to make and look great. Each project has its own short how to video which details just how easy each idea is to make. Please join us on facebook and subscribe to our DIY Youtube channel.

DIY Nautical Fish Themed crafts and projects.
Blue Dayz Striped Bass T-shirt from
DIY Nautical and Coastal crafts and projects.
Easy DIY Nautical themed craft projects. Carribean Barracuda Shaped Warri game with coral game pieces.
Easy DIY Nautical craft projects perfect for coastal living. from
DIY Nautical and Coastal crafts and projects.
DIY Nautical Decor easy to make projects.
How to make a hand carved Sea Turtle picture frame. Check out all of our nautical DIY craft ideas.
DIY Easy Crafts Fishing, Boating and Coastal Living Project How-to Video Playlist
DIY Crab shaped beach folding table. Check out all of our Nautical and beach decor DIY projects.
DIY Nautical Decor Sea Turtle Craft projects.

Coastal crafts


     Sea Turtle



     Ship in a Bottle


Nautical and Coastal living DIY Crafts.
Easy DIY Nautical themed craft projects. Fish shaped nautical wine bottle stand.

Easy DIY Nautical Themed Craft Ideas.

Everything from Shipwreck chart drink coasters to Nautical picture frames.