DIY Leaf Basket Easy to make with Mod Podge or Epoxy. These Leaf bowls or baskets can be made from real leaves or Faux leaves available from any craft store. You can use either Mod Podge or for a stronger basket two part epoxy can be used.

Each DIY project has a short video associated with it. The video will show step by step instructions and illustrate just how easy each is to craft. All we ask is if you enjoy the site and or video please give them a thumbs up on youtube and subscribe to our youtube channel. 

DIY Easy Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts

DIY THANKSGIVING CUTTING BOARD with reusable wood burning stencils from Ikonart In this short how-to video Dan Berg from DIYeasycrafts uses reusable stencils from Ikonart and torchpaste to create these Thanksgiving Cutting Boards. The artwork was purchased as a downloadable SVG file from ETSY. The art was printed onto a transparent film and then to Ikonarts stencil film. Once finished these stencils are tachy on one side so they stick to the wood, This really helps prevent any of the torch paste from seeping under the stencil. This was our second time using both products so we wanted to see how much detail could be obtained. The stencils were easy to make and produced beautiful detailed designs. Please subscribe if you want to see more stencil crafts. Already working on a T shirt stencil and some metal etching.

DIY Thanksgiving Cutting Board with reusable wood burning stencils from Ikonart