How to easily make a DIY Fishing Hook Remover In this short how-to video we demonstrate how to tie this easy make a fishing hook remover. We used 1/8 diameter brass shaft which is available at almost any local hardware of craft store. The only other thing needed is a pair of plyers. Please note you could also use thicker or stainless shafting but may then need to use a vice and or a torch to make bending easier. This tool can be made in a variety of lengths and is great for removing even deeply swallowed hooks.

In this short how to video Dan Berg from demonstrates how he made this AEBL stainless steel fillet knife with one of a kind fish bone cast scales. 

Blue Dayz stripped bass patriotic shirt

Easy DIY Fishing Projects 
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Stripped bass fishing
Striped bass fishing.

These how-to videos are designed for fisherman. Learn everything from how to tie a hook onto monofilament or braded  line to making your own fillet knife. Our DIY fishing hacks each have a video which shows step by step instructions. These projects are easy and will enhance your fishing experience.

Jacking for Blue Claw crabs in Baldwin Bay NY.
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fishing for bluefish
Striped bass topside skinny water fishing.
skinny water fishing for striped bass.
Clamming in the shallow waters off Long Island NY.
skinny water fishing for striped bass.
Fishing for cocktail blues.

In this short how-to video we show how to mount affordable off road automotive12 volt LED light strips to almost any Jon Boat, Boston Whaler or skiff. We used EMT conduit and makerpipe fittings. The system mounts and is easily removed in minutes. Super bright for crabbing or night fishing. Check out the extra protection we used for electrical connections to help them stand up to salt water environment.

A great skill for all boaters and fisherman. Capt. Dan gives an easy to follow demonstration on line splicing. 

Fishing for bluefish.
Striped bass fishing.

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How to easily make a DIY Bucket Live Well for Fishing All you need is a 5 gallon bucket, lid, some wire ties a battery air pump, aquarium air stone and net. Great little live well for small skiffs, jon boats or any boat with out 12 volt power. This little live well is perfect for keeping bait alive for hours.


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stripped bass fishing

A few easy steps to make bluefish taste great. Works with most recipes. 

Learn how to easily tie a fishing knot that works for both monofilament as well as braded line.

 Each project has its own short how to video which details just how easy each idea is to make. Please join us on facebook and subscribe to our DIY Youtube channel.