How to make Resin on Glass Nautical Wall Art See how easy it is to create this beautiful resin Ocean Wave glass wall art. We had three pieces of 1/4 inch glass cut to 10" x 3' and had the edges rounded. We then used MakerPoxy and a little bit of thickset resin from totalboat.com. We also used some dark blue, light blue, green and white dye. We used a hair dryer to blow and heat the resin and create cell structure in the white waves. Makerpoxy is an Ultra clear epoxy art resin system for DIY, artists, and woodworking professionals. It is easy to use, self-leveling, and produces a glossy finish that will enhance and protect your art projects. It can also be tinted with a variety of pigments that blend and flow easily. Perfect for artwork, furniture, and craft projects on wood, plastic, fiberglass, and metal. BPA-free formula ideal for finished projects with food contact.

Resin on glass nautical wave wall art. www.diyeasycrafts.com

This beautiful nautical wall art was created by adding resin to glass panels. this is an easy DIY project and can be modified by using different colors.

Resin on glass nautical wave wall art. www.diyeasycrafts.com

Easy DIY Resin on Glass