Although a 2x72 inch belt sander is the knife making industry standard, for many its just not affordable. 4 inch belt sanders have never been highly recommended for knife making because its almost impossible to grind bevel plunge cuts on them. This video shows a simple modification that allows any affordable 4 inch belt sander to grind bevels and plunge cuts.

How to easily sharpen drill bits.
How to make an easy jig for perfect knife making bevel plunge cuts.

Easily sharpen your own drill bits. This short how-to video will come in very handy when drilling pin holes through any full tang knife handle.

How to use the Mastersmith Pro bevel grinding guide to make perfect edge down or edge up bevel grinds.

How to make a DIY 2x72 knife making belt sander.

DIY Easy Crafts 

The Complete Online Guide to Knife Making 

A simple easy way to secure almost any blade into a drill press vise so it will not pull out causing a spinning hazard.

How to make a knife making drill press vise jig.

Check out this affordable Metal Cutting bandsaw from Harbor Freight

Check out this easy to make knife bevel plunge jig that will almost instantly allow you to create perfect plunge cuts.

Introduction to Knifemaking The Beginner's DIY Guide to Making Knives.

An assortment of knife making tools and jigs. Each with its own how-to video. These knife making how to videos are designed to assist beginner and novice knife makers improve their craft while making the job easier and safer.

Perhaps the most important knife making tool. This video shows how we made this powerful 2x72 inch belt sander

Once your custom handmade knife is finished you will want to put a razor sharp edge on it. This how-to video shows one way using the Lansky knife sharpening system.

Introduction to Knifemaking

The Beginner's Guide to Making Knives 

By Dan Berg and Jason Northgard

Grinding straight and even bevels by freehand is an art. This bevel jig allows beginners to easily achieve beautiful knife bevels on almost any belt sander.

How to use Rockwell Hardness files to test how hard your blade is after heat treating.