How to polish Alumilite and Acrylic knife handles

How to make Alumilite Hybrid knife scales

How to make custom knife handles. We cover the basics of gluing and pinning scales onto blade. Then cover turning a variety of materials into unique knife scale material. Be sure to like and subscribe to our youtube channel so you do not miss any of our upcoming knife handle making how-to videos.

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How to make Micarta and Wood knife scales

How to polish acrylic knife scale material

How to easily Vacuum Stabilize wood with Cactus Juice This shot DIY how-to video demonstrates how to your wood stabilizing resin, a vacuum pump and chamber to stabilize wood. Stabilized wood becomes harder, heaver easier to polish and much more resistant to moisture and cracking. Vacuum stabilized wood is used as pen blanks, knife scales or handles or wood turning. The process allows soft spalted woods to be hardened and transformed into beautiful finished products, Stabilized wood is also the first step in many alumilite casting projects. www.diyeasycrafts.com www.bergknifemaking.com

How to make and install hybridwood Composite knife scales

How to get a tight seam between handles and bolsters

How to form and polish Carvex into beautiful knife handles

Custom Knife Handles. Part of the complete online guide to knife making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Mad Max Custom Knife Handles Product Review by Bergnifemaking This short video looks at the new custom paper micarta knife handle materials produced by Mad Max. He uses layers of material with the same image which results in a 3 dimensional product. When you carve into the product additional layers are exposed. Mad Max can produce small runs with almost any graphic.

How to make these beautiful and unique Straw Micarta Hybrid Composite knife Scales

How to make Scotch Brite Micarta

How would you make cast resin Sea Turtle knife handles

DIY Easy Cork Stabilization for Knife Handles by Berg knifemaking A corkboard is stabilized in cactus juice stabilizing resin and then cast in Smooth Coat Clear to make it strong and durable enough to be used as knife handles. This video shows the entire process. www.diyeasycrafts.com www.bergknifemaking.com

The Northguard Method of mounting custom knife handles. Part of the complete online guide to knife making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

How to make these American Flag themed Micarta Knife Handles.

How to make Wood Chip Micarta knife handle material.

Click Button for assortment of cast resin Knife Handle projects.

How to carve a basket weave design onto knife handles

How to make cast resin knife handles. An assortment of unique resin cast knife handles projects. Feel free to duplicate these or use some of the techniques to make your own custom design.

How to make Sponge Micarta knife handles

How to make Micarta and wood knife handles

How to make knife handles from scrap pieces of firewood

Product review of small chop saw which works perfect for cutting knife handle pins.

Knife Making How to Make Brass Bolsters. Free downloadable PDF from the complete online guide to knife making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Deer Antler Cast Scales for Full Tang Knife Handles by Berg Knifemaking Dan Berg while working on a Deer in the Woods themed chef knife decided to play around with casting deer antlers in resin. He called Brad Hunt who dried, cut and cast the antlers into scale material. This is not one of Dan's complete how to videos. It just a short collection of video and still images showing the build.

How to make decorative Mosaic Pins used to secure knife handles

How to attach knife handles using the Northgard method. FREE downloadable PDF from www.DIYeasycrafts.com