Easy DIY Silicone Mold Making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Start by finding of making an item you want to reproduce. For this type of mold making we need an item with one flat surface. We carved a Sea Turtle out of wood but you can use almost any small to medium size item that is hard and non porous. 

How to make a Silicone Mold for resin casting with Easy Mold from Castin Craft This easy to make Silicone mold kit is perfect for small resin casting projects. Mix both parts equally , push the item into mixture and wait 10 minutes for it to harden. Its that easy.

How to make a rubber mold with Alumilite High Strength Liquid Mold Rubber Rubber molds can be used to replicate a variety of small items. In this video Dan Berg from DIYeaycrafts uses Alumilite liquid mold rubber to create a flexible mold of hand carved knife handles. Once created these molds can be used with epoxy casting resin, fiberglass and a variety of other products.

Easy DIY Silicone Mold Making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com
Easy DIY Silicone Mold Making. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Silicone Mold Making   Silicone molds are easy to make and great for reproducing items in cement, wax, plaster, resin or even soap. 

Check out  our short YouTube video which depicts the entire process on how to make custom Silicone Molds able to cast reproductions in a variety of materials.

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