Once the blade is shaped, beveled and polished and before heat treating its time to drill holes for the pins. Check out this short video which shows how to sharpen and keep using your old drill bits.

#KFBDP Drop Point Knife Blank

10 length x 1 3/4 width   3/16 thick

1095 High Carbon Steel

$30.95 +$8.00 P&H for up to 4 blanks

After the handle pin holes are drilled its time to harden and temper the blade. Check out this short video which describes both easy processes. 

One of the key design elements of this DIY knife project are the metal etched flames. These flames are created with a 12 volt automotive battery charger, salt water and a cut-out stencil. Check out the above posted short video which details everything you have to know to metal etch flames.

These two short how to videos show how to grind bevels and straight, even plunge cuts. Improve your knife making skills.

Check out these short how to videos. We used the Drop Point blank to make a variety of unique finished knives.

Easy DIY Knife spine filework and spine etching. Easy way to enhance and customize any full tang knife making project.

Make your own decorative mosaic pins. These pins can enhance almost any knife handle. This short how-to video shows our own easy method to make your own.

DIY Easy Knife Making, learn how to make a knife similar to this heavy 1095 high carbon steel Drop Point blade.  We have the blanks available in stock. You can then grind the bevels, harden and add almost any type of knife handles. You can also be creative by adding blade texture or metal etching to craft your own one of a kind knife. 

Drop Point knife blank finished with brass bolsters and a hybrid walnut and sponge micarta handles. Above with scalloped blade. Below with polished blade.

How to make your own easy DIY kydex knife sheath.

We cut a section of wood from a piece of firewood. The wood turned out to be maple and had a very cool design. We did have to preserve and stabilize these handles or scales. Check out this short video which details the entire process.

Listed below are a variety of short how-to videos that will help with your DIY knife making project.

See how our quality 1095 high carbon steel knife blades are manufactured in this short video


DIY Easy Crafts

Drop Point Knife
DIY Knife from waterjet cut blank