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How FAST will it go? Yamaha 25 Hp four stroke SPEED TRIAL. We mounted the Yamaha 25 hp four stroke to a 13 ft fiberglass dory. Ran it with two and three people aboard and cruised easily at 24 miles per hour.

How to easily make a Duck Blind with EMT Conduit PVC and Maker Pipe connections In this short how to video. Dan Berg from DIYeasycrafts shows how he made a lightweight foldable duck blind that is easily removable from the boat. He used EMT conduit PVC pipe and fittings from Type your paragraph here.

How to use Pourable Marine Foam We used 2 pound density pourable foam to add flotation and rigidity under the deck of a 13 ft skiff. Learn how to best mix, what size hole to drill and how to warm up the under deck space for best results. This 2 lb density expandable boat buoyance foam not only adds flotation but also structural rigidity but can also act as insulation and sound proofing.

How to make an inexpensive portable Outboard Motor Stand
This short how-to video details how to easily build a portable outboard motor stand with 2x4s and a small pc of 2x10. The stand was designed so that a standard hand truck could slide under it for easy transport. Its also holds the motor high enough so that a water bucket will fit for wash out.  Total of three 2x4 plus a short section of 2x10 and some 3 in and 2 1/2 inch screws are all you need. Video contains complete cut list.

This how to video shows how to make a PVC foldable duck blind. The blind is easily transported and attached with out having to permanently mount brackets to the boat. Blind folds down and back so driver can see when boat is runing.

Yamaha 25 hp four stoke Outboard unboxing and first start
Check out this powerful yet lightweight 25 hp outboard. Dan shows what comes included in the box plus how to get it started and ready for its first run. This four stroke outboard is perfect for duck hunting, zodiacs and almost any boat in the 12-14 ft range. Check manufacturers hp ratings prior to purchase.

How to Winterize a Yamaha 150 hp Four Stroke Outboard by DIYeasycrafts In this short video Capt. Dan shows how to easily winterize a four stroke outboard in 4 steps. Stabilizing the fuel, change the gearcase oil, change oil and filter and fog the engine. Check out additional nautical projects.

Blue Dayz gear designed for fishing, boating and coastal living.

How to Change Oil and Oil Filter on a Yamaha 150 hp Four Stroke Outboard by DIYeasycrafts This short how-to video shows how to easily change the oil and oil filter on a four stroke outboard. We use a Yamaha 150 hp outboard to demonstrate but the same techniques can be used on most four stroke outboard engines.

Fiberglass Hull Repair how to easily fix a thru hull hole This short video shows how to easily fix a thru hull hole with a fiberglass patch. You will need resin, hardener, acetone, fiberglass mat, an angle grinder, flap sanding discs, disposable paint brushes and an oscillating sander.

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Easy DIY Boat Projects

How to Fiberglass over Plywood and repair damaged fiberglass
This short how-to video details how to coat plywood with fiberglass. Perfect for making waterproof boxes or working on boats. We show how to wrap glass around corners and also show how to easily repair damaged fiberglass.