Once the stencil is cut out its time to mix up a small container of vinegar and salt and get out the car charger.

DIY Knife logo Metal Etching. www.DIYcrafts.com

Check out this easy to make Knife Necklace crafted from 300 series stainless steel.

Use a razor knife to cut out the stencil. Everything removed is the area which will be etched. 

DIY Knife logo Metal Etching. www.DIYcrafts.com

DIY Easy Knife Making, learn how to etch a name or logo onto any knife blade.

Another method uses a piece of metal to replace the Q-Tip. The metal is held close enough to touch a drop of the vinegar but not close enough to touch the knife blade. This method achieved much faster results. Please check out the short youtube video posted on the top of this page.

These photos depict the neg wire from the car charger being connected to the knife and the positive being clipped to the wet end of a Q-tip. Do not let the metal on the charger wire touch the knife blade or it will spark and leave a mark. Leave the Q-Tip on each part of the stencil for at least a minute.


DIY Knife logo Metal Etching. www.DIYcrafts.com

Any name or logo can be etched into the blade or handle of a knife but keep in mind the simpler the design the easier it is to cut out.

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Knife Logo

​Metal Etching

For this project we are going to use a film stencil sheet available from any arts and crafts store. The first step is to sketch the logo onto this sheet with a sharp marker.

Then transfer the film onto the knife in desired position.