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How to easily make a DIY Leaf Spring knife. FREE step by step instructions.
How to make a knife from a car leaf spring.
How to make a knife from a car leaf spring.
How to make a knife from a car leaf spring.

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Once the blade is hardened and tempered it can be polished and a handle added. Please check out our youtube videos on knife building, making an easy fire pit forge and the hardening process.

The blade then has to be re hardened. Bring the blade back to cherry red and a non magnetic state. Then instead of letting it cool slowly quench is quickly in oil. This will make the spring steel very hard but also brittle. The last step is to but the blade into an oven @ aprox 350 degrees for 3 hours. Then let it cool overnight in the oven. This tempering process will make the blade strong and less brittle.

Use cut off wheels to cut the rough outline of the knife. Then grinding wheels to bring it into the desired shape. Next switch to a flap disc sanding wheel. Start with a rough disc like 36 grit and smooth out all of the high or rough spots. With finer sanding discs the blade can be brought to an almost finished polish. At this point also drill holes through the handle for the pins that will secure the handle material in place.

First step is to anneal the steel which brings it to a softer state. This makes it much easier to cut and grind into the desired shape. This can be done in a forge by bring the material to a cherry red and making sure it has reached a non magnetic state. Then let it cool down slowly. Without annealing it would take substantially more time and grinding wheels to achieve the same results.

For this project we are going to use an automotive leaf spring, a disc grinder and a drill to create a very sharp durable knife.

DIY Easy Knife Making, learn how to soften, cut and shape steel into a finished knife using only simple tools like a disc grinder.

Leaf Spring Knife Making