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How to make a DIY

​Shop Dust Collection System

How to easily make wet dry vac hose to PVC pipe adaptors.
Learn just how easy it is to heat and shape PVC into an adaptor that can be used to connect any wet dry vac hose to standard size PVC pipe. These adaptors can be used for a variety of applications including when building a wet dry vac powered shop dust collection system or when using a wet dry vac to suck water out of underground pool filter lines.

How to make a DIY Shop Dust Collection System with a Wet Dry Vac and PVC. 

In this video we show how to use standard pvc pipe and some fitting along with a wet dry vac to make an affordable inexpensive shop dust collection system. This is an easy DIY project that can provide a vacuum connection to each tool or work station in your shop.

How to make a combination Dust and Spark collection system for a 2x72 Belt Grinder.

Check out this prototype combination dust and spark collection system designed for knife makers. This design allows users to interchange additional tooling arms like a 90 degree table or Tilt Table bevel grinding jig. With the blast gate open hot sparks drop straight down into a five gallon bucket of water. With the 2 inch aluminum blast gate closed and the wet dry vac on dust from wood, micarta and fiberglass are sucked through flexible tubing.

Learn how to make an inexpensive shop dust collection system powered by any wet dry vac. This easy DIY project can be tailored to your own wood working shops layout. Add as many work stations as desired.