Start by painting over the bottle label with two part epoxy resin. We used Envirtex which is available at any arts and crafts store. This will seal the label to the bottle and make it weather resistant. This epoxy take 24-48 hrs to dry.

Now just add bird seed and hang it in any tree.

How to build a Budweiser Bird Feeder

Using two part epoxy glue the wood dowel through the bottom hole. This will secure it in position as the birds perch.

Click above to view our short youtube video depicting how easy it is to make these unique beer bottle bird feeders. 

Use wire to wrap the neck to form a hanging loop. Be sure to leave enough room so the screw cap can be removed and replaced.

Next drill two holes through the bottle as shown. One hole will be for the perch and the other for the seed opening. Click below for instructions on drilling holes in glass.