How to easily make a carved wood Sea Turtle wall or fence hanging sculpture. This wood sea turtle is actually very easy to make. Most of the wood was removed or carved with a angle grinder and a flap sanding wheel. They can be made in a variety of sizes and make a nice nautical addition for inside walls or outside fence decoration.

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DIY Sea Turtle and Shark Themed Fishing Pole Art | Epoxy Resin Ocean Waves Tutorial. In this captivating DIY video, join Capt. Dan Berg from www.DIYeasycrafts as he showcases his expert technique for creating stunning Sea Turtle and Shark themed fishing pole art using epoxy resin ocean waves. Prepare to be amazed as Capt. Dan takes you through each step of the process, transforming an ordinary fishing rod into a work of art that captures the beauty of the ocean's inhabitants. To begin, Capt. Dan demonstrates how to craft mesmerizing epoxy resin ocean waves using TotalBoat Makerpoxy and a simple straw technique to create the enchanting white water effect. The combination of skill and creativity results in an ocean wave design that is nothing short of breathtaking. But the artistry doesn't stop there! Capt. Dan takes it to the next level by introducing craft vinyl cutting machine magic. Watch as he uses self-adhesive vinyl silhouettes of sea turtles and sharks, adding a touch of life to the ocean wave design. To ensure the longevity and preserve the brilliance of the artwork, Capt. Dan employs crystal-clear ProKote epoxy from MudHole.com to coat the vinyl silhouettes. The result is a masterpiece that not only looks beautiful but is also durable enough to withstand the rigors of fishing. The best part is that you can apply this technique to customize any existing fishing rod or incorporate it into your next fishing rod building project. Capt. Dan's easy-to-follow instructions make it accessible for both beginners and seasoned anglers looking to personalize their fishing gear. Be sure to check out Capt. Dan's other Fishing Rod Building Video Tutorials for more creative inspiration and invaluable tips to elevate your rod-building skills. Unlock the artist within and elevate your fishing experience with this breathtaking Sea Turtle and Shark Themed Fishing Pole Art tutorial. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video with your fellow fishing enthusiasts. Tight lines and happy crafting!

How to make a Sea Turtle Bathroom Step Stool. This toddlers bathroom step stool is perfect for waterfront, nautical and beach decor homes. This Sea Turtle wood working project is easy to make with only standard lumber and tools and kids love the bright colors and aquatic sea life.

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How to make a Sea Turtle Nautical Decor Switch Plate Cover. Step by step instructions for how to carve these nautical Sea Turtles and create nautical themed switch plate covers. We use a dremel grinder and some basic tools. They make a very eye catching wood carving which will fit into any nautical themed room. Easy wood carving with dremel grinder.

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DIY Sea Turtle Paper Mache Outdoor Weather resistant Bird House backyard art. This how to make video shows the complete process of crafting this nautical themed Sea Turtle paper mache birdhouse sculpture. We used Hardiebacker, foam insulation and a paper mache mix made from Flexbond ceramic tile mortar mix to create and easy inexpensive weather proof paper mache mix.

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Sea Turtle Themed Craft Ideas.

Everything from Sea Turtle Shaped picture frames to Sea Turtle Themed butcher block cutting board.

How to make a Shark themed Chef knife with electro etched blade design and fossil shark teeth cast resin handles. Part 2 How to electro metal etch a Sea Turtle multi tone design on a knife blade. In this short how-to video Dan Berg from www.Bergknifemaking.com shows how to electro etch a Sea Turtle multi tone design onto a chef knife blade. In the next video we will mount, profile and shape the handles and sharpen the blade.

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These DIY crafts and projects are perfect for waterfront or beach themed homes. We have a variety of easy craft ideas from the nautical themed homes backyard and for indoor decor. Many of these nautical Sea Turtle crafts are not only unique designs but are easy to make and look great. Each project has its own short how to video which details just how easy each idea is to make. Please join us on facebook and subscribe to our DIY Youtube channel.

How to make this wall or fence hanging carved wood Sea Turtle. This is actually an easy DIY project. this sea turtle was cut out of standard 2x12 lumber with a jig saw and then shaped using a disc grinder. Check out this short how-to video to see just how easy this DIY project was to craft.