DIY Easy CraftsFirewood Piggy Bank

We used the same dremel tool to carve the piggy mouth.

The first step is to cut log to size and start to hollow it out. We used a standard hole saw and then used a speed bore to remove as much of the wood as possible.

DIY Easy Crafts Firewood Piggy Bank. Use any log or piece of firewood to create this adorable Piggy bank. Perfect for rustic or Country decor homes.  Please check out the short youtube video (above) to see just how easy it is.

Next start to shape the face with a saw. We then used a disc grinder to smooth the edges off the face.

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Easy DIY Firewood Pig Piggy Bank.

Once all of the wood is removed repeat until the log is hollowed out to the desired length.

Easy DIY Firewood Pig Piggy Bank.

Coin slot is created with a dremel grinder and a cut off wheel. The eyes and nostrils are burned with a wood burner.

asy DIY Firewood Pig Piggy Bank.

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Easy DIY Firewood Pig Piggy Bank.