Glass etching creme is washed off with water. exposing a nice even mat finish to all areas coated with the creme.

Another method uses a chemical etching creme. We used Armour Etch which is available at most arts and crafts stores. This creme can be used with a template film or can be painted to coat the interior outline engraved by a dremel.

Easy DIY Glass Etching with a dremel grinder.

Using a dremel grinder with a glass etching diamond bit we trace the logo onto the glass. Note: design was sized and printed then taped to inside of glass.

Etched Wine Glasses done with template and etching creme how to video.

Easy DIY Glass Etching with a dremel grinder.

After the etching creme is washed off additional detail can be added with the dremel diamond bit.

Easy DIY Glass Etching with a dremel grinder.

Dremel diamond bit works great especially for the logos outline.

Glass Etching

Several different methods are used to etch or engrave glass. Please check out our short how to videos (below) to see the benefits of each method and why sometimes its best to use a combination of techniques.  All you need to get started is either Adhesive template film, Glass Etching creme, a sharpie and a razor knife or a dremel grinder and glass etching diamond bit.

Photo Left: Shows creme being painted to coat the interior of a dremel outlined design. Make sure to apply a thick even coating of the etching creme. 

To obtain a uniform mat finish we had to apply a two thick coatings of the etching creme and let them work for a half hour.

Easy DIY Glass etching. Use several different methods to etch any design or logo onto glass. Whats great about our technique is you do not have to be an artist to achieve professional results.

Etched & Painted wine glass how to video.