Left: We made a matching Sea Turtle Childs Step Stool.

DIY Sea Turtle Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rack. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

We made one turtle a little smaller.

Carving the Sea Turtles is actually much easier than it sounds. First a printed a Sea Turtle sketch from the internet. Reduce it to fir on a 1x4 piece of pine, then cut out and trace the design onto the wood. The outline is cut out with either a band or jig saw. We used a sanding wheel on a disc grinder to make each fin thinner and to round over and smooth all the rough saw cut edges. We then used a dremel grinder with a cut off wheel to make lines onto the turtles shell. A small drill was used to create the eye hole.

To build a custom base we started with a piece of 2x6, 1x6 and a PVC fence post cap. The wood was cut to fit inside the post cap. we then drilled three holes to hole 5/8' wood dowels. The dowels were glued in place and all gaps filled c caulk before painting the base white.  Please check our the short youtube video (above) to see just how easy it is.

How to make fish or sea turtle nautical Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Racks. This DIY wood working project is perfect for waterfront, nautical or beach themed homes. This wood working project is easy to build with only a few tools. Please check out several methods to make these Nautical Decor racks or convert an existing store bought rack with a custom carved sea creature.

If attaching the Sea turtles to wood dowels we just screwed them to the dowel . Remember to pre drill all of the holes.

If converting a store bought rack drill a series or holes through the bottom fin of the turtle as shown. Then move the drill from side to side to mill out a slot. The top Sea Turtle's slot should fit onto the wire upright. Its then painted and glued into position with epoxy

DIY Sea Turtle Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rack. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

DIY Easy Crafts 
Nautical Paper Racks

DIY Sea Turtle Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rack. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

The same type of nautical racks can also be made with carved fish, sea horses or almost any nautical design that can be carved.

Above: a custom made toilet paper rack crafted from wood dowels and a pvc fence post cap. The turtles are very easy to carve from wood.

Left: A store bought paper towel rack which we converted by adding a couple carved sea turtles. These racks can also be crafted with fish, sea horses or any other nautical design.

Check out both short Youtube video which depict just how easy each project is.