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DIY Nautical Shipwreck Chart Picture Frames.
DIY Nautical Shipwreck Chart Picture Frames.
DIY Nautical Shipwreck Chart Picture Frames.

How to make an Ocean Wave Picture Frame with totalboat Makerpoxy resin See how easy it is to create this beautiful Ocean Wave picture frame from. We used MakerPoxy from along with dark blue, light blue, green and white dye. Blowing the waves is fun and easy. You do not have to be an artist to get spectacular results. Makerpoxy is an Ultra clear epoxy art resin system for DIY, artists, and woodworking professionals. It is easy to use, self-leveling, and produces a glossy finish that will enhance and protect your art projects. It can also be tinted with a variety of pigments that blend and flow easily. Perfect for artwork, furniture, and craft projects on wood, plastic, fiberglass, and metal. BPA-free formula ideal for finished projects with food contact. Ocean Wave Resin Projects​ Nautical themed DIY projects​

Cut out the chart to fit the photo frame. Then coat both the chart and the frame with Mod Podge. Apply the chart to the frame let it dry and then apply three more coats of Mod Podge. Let each dry between coats.

Start with a basic wood frame and a Nautical Chart. We used Shipwreck Chart posters available from www.Aqua

Check out how easy it is to make these DIY Nautical Shipwreck Chart Picture Frames. Simple craft project with spectacular results.

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Easy to make Mod Podge Nautical Shipwreck Chart photo frames.


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