Drill a hole part way through the wood to create an eye.

Assembly with wood glue and screws after pre-drilling all holes.

DIY Easy Crafts Nautical Toddlers Step Stools. Made from 1x4 and 1x10 pine.  Perfect for Nautical or Beach Themed homes.  Please check our the short youtube video (below) to see just how easy it is.

Start by building a stool base. The center U shape is made from 1x4 pine. Each piece has a 15 degree angle cut on both sides so the legs angle outward providing more steady support for the stool. Total length of the stool base can vary based on design, ours was 15 1/2 inch.

How to make fish or sea turtle toddlers Step Stool. This DIY wood working project is perfect for waterfront, nautical or beach themed homes. This wood working project is easy to build with only a few tools.

DIY Nautical Sea Turtle Bathroom step stool. www.DIYeasycrafts.com
DIY Nautical Sea Turtle Bathroom step stool. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Screw heads can be hidden with caulk. The entire stool should then be sanded smooth and painted. Please note that an additional block of wood can be added to support any small or thin pieces of the tops design. This support block is to prevent any of the small fins from snapping off.

The fish or sea turtle design can be sketched onto a piece of 1x10 pine. The shape can be cut out with a jig, scroll or band saw.

The sea creature cut out can be shaped and additional carved lines added with a disc grinder and sanding disc.

The fish sea turtle or other nautical design top is then glued and screwed to the base as shown. Be sure that screws do not poke through the sea creature.

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