DIY Cement Sea Turtle Candle Holder. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Once the basic shape is obtained a dremmel tool can to used to remove additional material not easily cut off with the saws.

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A sanding wheel is used to round over the edges and carve the turtle into its final shape. Add as much detail as possible but remember to leave the bottom flat. For this type of mold the bottom of the turtle will need to be glued to a flat surface.


Sea Turtle

​Candle Holder

DIY Easy How to Make Project


After 48 hours the Sea Turtle Candle Holder can be removed from the silicone mold.

Sea Turtle sketch downloaded from the web is traced onto wood.

DIY Cement Sea Turtle Candle Holder. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Just add a wick and candle wax to complete the project. The silicone mold and be re used to create additional copies.

The mold making process is detailed on a separate page.

This cement DIY Sea Turtle Candle Holder was cast from a easy to make silicone mold. 


Using a jig saw or band saw start to cut away any material outside the sketch lines

DIY Cement Sea Turtle Candle Holder. www.DIYeasycrafts.com

Silicone mold material is mixed as per manufacturers instructions and then poured over the turtle template.

Check out  our short YouTube video which depicts the entire process on how to make this custom cement Sea Turtle Candle holder. You will not believe how easy it is. 

After drying overnight the silicone mold can be removed from the template and is now ready to have cement poured into it. Please note that the same mold could also be used to create wax, plaster, epoxy or even soap castings. 

Start by tracing  a Sea Turtle Sketch onto wood. The use a jig saw or band saw to cut away any wood outside the sketch lines. Once finished this template will be used to create a silicone mold. The mold can be used to duplicate the template in a variety of materials including cement (used for this project). Note: We have a separate page which details the mold building process.

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